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This is the second article out of 12 articles that describe my journey while attending lessons for the Growth Marketing Midigree at the CXL Institute.

Week 2 started with the course User-Centric Marketing by Paul Boag, who has over 25 years of experience in UX. I really liked the way he was telling things: he catches attention very easily and includes interesting examples that make you think.

The course starts with an introduction to the digital world we live in today, and how digital marketing differs from traditional marketing. For businesses, digital has transformed the competitive landscape. …

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You need to take care of the economic model of the architecture while designing applications and workloads on AWS. Compared to on-premises data centers, it is necessary to look beyond the fundamental pricing benefits and explore ways to leverage the infrastructure successfully to lower your AWS charge.

Regardless of whether you’re going to hire a FinOps professional or handle the process within the existing team, here are the best practices for AWS cost optimization.

Apply for AWS credits

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I recently signed up for the Growth Marketing Midigree at the CXL Institute and got a scholarship for the program (so exciting!), getting 12 weeks to complete the Minidegree, starting from April 19th. During this time, I will be writing one article on a weekly basis, describing my experience and summarizing the most important points of this education, showing why this probably is the best education program I’ve ever gone through.

I came across CXL Institute’s program while I was searching for more advanced marketing education, as I’m trying to enhance my analytical capabilities and build a growth-oriented mindset. …

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Internet of Things (IoT) has become one of the most emerging technologies that boost the manufacturing industry. It defines the network of physical objects integrated with sensors, apps, and other technology in order to communicate and share data over the Internet with other systems.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) represents the usage of the Internet of Things in industrial industries and applications. By leveraging machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity, big data, and machine learning, IIoT allows industries to achieve greater performance and quality in their production processes.

Manufacturers are turning to the IIoT as it represents a powerful weapon in their…

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Kubernetes is ruling the container market. According to a CNCF survey, the use of Kubernetes in production in 2020 was 93%, up from 78% in 2019. Moreover, the survey reveals that the use of containers in production in 2020 was 92%, which is up 300% from CNCF’s first survey in 2016.

Because of the widespread adoption of Kubernetes by DevOps teams and the open source community’s encouragement, this figure could grow in the future. And if it stays at present prices, this market share still is a significant portion. This means that even though Kubernetes makes a lot of things…

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When it comes to cloud infrastructure, there are many cost optimization challenges. To solve their cloud cost optimization problems, some companies develop FinOps practices. FinOps refers to Cloud Financial Management. It is the process of adding financial transparency to the cloud’s variable expenditure model. The goal is to empower teams to balance between speed, expense, and quality.

FinOps is, at its heart, a cultural shift. In order to facilitate quicker execution, cross-functional teams operate together. At the same time, acquiring more financial and organizational power is also a priority.

FinOps allows all operating teams to access real-time data they need…

There is an alternative to making self-improvement imperative our life mission.

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I’m beginning to perceive productivity as a scary word. People have been talking about it too often, especially now that we’re in isolation times. Major corporations are offering free services, universities are giving free online courses, and porn sites have unlocked their premium memberships so we wouldn’t get bored in isolation.

But, now that we’ve been in isolation for a while, the effect of “a whole new world” we’ve discovered is letting us go. Now, it’s being replaced by pressure. The pressure to keep getting better and acquire new skills so that we can be competitive in the labor market…

How can DevOps improve company performance during the COVID-19 pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic we’re all facing this year is transforming the workforce throughout the whole world. In fact, according to Stanford University research, the US has become a work-from-home economy. 42% of the workforce now working from home full-time. While some businesses are finding it difficult to adjust to this modern lifestyle, others went on immediately. Looking ahead, for a large number of organizations, the inability to adapt could be fatal.

With the pandemic, numerous companies have had to become fully digital. Although the need to deliver software fast and efficiently has always been present, now it’s becoming bigger than…

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DevOps improves software delivery speed and quality through a list of practices that pursue an agile mindset. The terms that first come to mind when you mention DevOps are continuous integration, continuous delivery and deployment, collaboration, automation, and monitoring.

DevOps means different things to different teams. Some teams are all about automation, while others do things manually and still consider that they are doing DevOps. Some consider it a culture and a mindset-shaper.

As DevOps revolves around continuous delivery and fast code shipping, it’s crucial to act quickly without any significant errors. …

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One of the most common things I see in job ads listed as a requirement is “the ability to multitask.” And, while this ability was something that you’d wear like a badge of honor to show that you can be super productive, the intense focus on mental health during the past year has highlighted multitasking as a harmful and brain-damaging activity.

To put it simply, multitasking means doing more than one thing at once. …

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